Below is an overview of some of the Services we offer.

Get in touch for a full run down or to enquire about bespoke solutions to your needs, such as EW M&S.


Integration Services

Integration of tools, techniques, hardware and services are key to getting the best out of any LVC construct. CASSIMA can support integration of man in the loop, hardware in the loop, COTS software packages, and bespoke software/tools. Blending multiple assets together and integrating live flying, sailing, driving or other dynamically active assets into the environment provides a real time unified LVC simulation picture allowing further analysis.

LVC Integration Services

Facilities and Equipment

A virtual environment requires more than just software. The hardware and facilities are just as important to bring it to life. CASSIMA has expertise in designing hardware and software architectures to implement virtual environments and ensure robust data provision via enterprise servers. 

If you don't want to run your own facility, then come and make use of ours. We will provide technical support for the equipment and software, while you are free to utilise our technology for your own experiments. The facility is ideal for in-depth experimentation right through to simply using the space for presenting simulation data.


Requirement Capture & Consultancy

Our expertise in implementing LVC technology can be employed to help you with your own LVC challenges, providing requirement capture and consultancy. LVC is there to enhance capability, and that means starting with identifying the need and progressing that through to delivery of an effective targeted solution.

Requirement Capture