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LVC Integration Layer

Our LVC Integration Layer enables integration of multiple live assets, simulation, and hardware in the loop, adjusting for different latencies where required. Outputs include advanced dynamic visualisation providing powerful analysis and understanding of complex problems.

This construct is exercised regularly for R&D purposes through our sister company's (Blue Bear Systems Research) implementation of the technology, which they refer to as the Multiple Vehicle Integration Test Bed (MUVIT).


Concept Analysis Tool (CAT)

CAT combines elements of the LVC Integration toolset with a set of models and advanced powerful analysis tools.



With over 30 years of modelling and simulation expertise, CASSIMA has developed a variety of building blocks in the form of algorithms which underpin extensive ground breaking R&D activities in unmanned systems, sensors, imagery and operational activities. 

Image processing

Course of action prediction

Target identification and classification

Communications Analysis

With an ever increasing communications bandwidth burden, the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth is becoming vital. CASSIMA’s Dynamic Comms Bandwidth Analysis tool allows experimentation and operational dynamic bandwidth allocation to maximise the available spectrum.



CASSIMA’s modelling expertise allows us to create ‘fit for purpose’ static and dynamic models to meet your needs.


We can enhance your simulations or operational tools with advanced capability by taking our base building-block algorithms, and turning them into bespoke plug-ins for your applications.

Plug-Ins & Tools


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